Welcome To Our Inaugural Season


Welcome to Jet Dive Travel’s Inaugural Season offering complete Air Land & Sea packages.

Perhaps while one of the smaller dive travel serviceĀ  we still always have the biggest bang for the diving buck!

Jet Dive Travel (JDT) has been around for about five years, catering to our private club members until we joined forces with Southern Cross Travel Club of Nevis West Indies. Southern Cross Travel Club was the first of it’s kind to offer a truly bigger dive live aboard that operated for a long time. Coming in at 198 feet, it was twice the size of most standard live aboards.

In addition to our affiliation with Soutner Cross Travel Club, who offered the largest live aboard in the 90s, we are proud to continue the tradition with the worlds largest live aboard anwyereh!


Jet Dive Travel is pleased to offer an extra special service – providing our very own air service from key cities throughout the United States!

All this for the express purpose of having a true – one call does it all, door to door service.

While this is not the first year Jet Dive Travel has been in business, it is our inaugural season for offering our bigger is better theme along with our air service.



DCF 1.0
DCF 1.0


Our vendor has two of these fantasic airplanes. Each seating forty four with fantastic leg room and comfort. While they cruise at half the speed (250 mph) of a jet airliner, they are so comfortable, you will not want the flight to end.

Our second aircraft vendor offers a small fleetof airplanes that literally look identical to the first airplanes with a difference in the engines and propellers. These aircraft are called Convair 580s and feature turbine (jet) engines and the big give away is with width of the propeller blades.

5960These airplane seat fifty two passengers and cruise at a 320 mph.

Both airplanes feature a ground generator that allows all the systems, like the air conditioner and stairs to operate by themselves, which opens a number of smaller airports we can visit.


When paired with a vessel of similar capacity, trips to the Bahamas from anywhere in the southeast become an absolute breeze and here is why –

U.S. registered aircraft leaving the United States is not required to clear customs outbound. We can go anywhere in the range of the airplane. When we travel to either Grand Bahamas or Nassau, we are required to clear customs in bound. When we are ready to return home, we clear customs outbound to return to the U.S., we are not required to clear customs inbound to the U.S., and that saves so much time and hassle.

Like all air carrier requirements, an air bottle is not allowed on board any airplane unless the bottle is empty and the valve is open to the atmosphere. We do not allow weights to be carried because their are readily available on our vessels and at our resorts. Other than that, travel as light as you can forĀ  your convience.

One other item of interest is that under most circumstances we ask that you carry your equipment and bags directly to the airplane and either place them on board or hand them directly to the crew who will place them on board in your presence. This eliminates two potential problems, no lost or damaged items.

Once your gear in on board, take your seat and when everyone is on board, we off on our adventure.